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  • Asset Integrity Management Systems

  • Full Web Based Application

  • Asset Data Management

  • Interfacing to ensure Data Consistency

  • Inspection Management, Scheduling

  • Full Suite RBA, RBI, TIM, PIM, RCM, IPF

  • i.AIM® i.Engineer i.Document i.Analyze

  • Graphical Intelligent Drawings linked to Assets

i.AIM® i.Engineer i.Document i.Analyze

Our Asset Integrity Management System (i.AIM®) is a powerful and advanced full web based application to help users to maintain their assets, registering of anomalies, creating inspection reference plans and job schedules and corrosion management in an optimum, safe, reliable and economical way.

Our i.AIM® uses industry standard formulas (eg. ANSI 31.8, 31.3, etc.) and also customer specific formulas for deriving inspection due dates and fit for purpose measurements.

Inspection reference plans can be frequency based, ad-hoc, single cycle and Risk Based (RBI).

A Little Bit About Us

Established in Singapore in 1999, Primalux Technology was founded on a vision of providing engineering industries with integrated, innovative and cost-effective computer solutions. The strength of the company comes from the global exposure and rich experiences of its founders in the process engineering industries, system design and implementation.

The Primalux team has decades of experience developing and implementing i.AIM® software. Having come from text-based systems and client-server based Windows application, Primalux boldly moved the application system into a full web based application.

The result is a truly powerful and unique application system that is modern, advanced and dynamic.

Our team members have been working along side with field engineers at their work site from all parts of the world like North Sea, Middle East, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Japan, Australia, New Zealand. All this field experience has now been culminated into our web based i.AIM® and i.ENGINEER suite of applications.

Primalux is now growing rapidly and expanding their operations. Headquartered in Singapore, Primalux has opened new offices in Brunei,Malaysia,Oman and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Our Features

Fully configurable Asset Hierarchy

Full Web based for both viewing and data entry

Navigation of asset hierarchy using marked up CAD drawings

Concurrent multi-user access

Definable COF/POF decision matrixes

Batch printing of Isometric Drawings

Anomaly reporting and tracking

Powerful Inspection Reference Plans using enhanced Risk Based Inspection (RBI) formulas

Advanced Corrosion Management

Interfacing to other systems
(eg. Livelink, Pi, FSR, GIS, SAP)

Cheese Barrier Graphical Window

Intelligent Integrity Traffic Lights display

About Our Clients

Brunei Shell Petroleum
Brunei LNG
Petroleum Development Oman
Sakhalin Energy
Shell Albian Sands (Canada)
SGS Thailand
CPDC Engineering Corp.
Yieh Phui Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Corning Display Technologies Taiwan
Taipei Rapid Transportation Co., Ltd.
Taiwan Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
Chinese Petroleum Corp. Refinery
Yuen Foong Yu Paper MFG.
SMC Shin Heung Machine (Singapore)

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